Install development environment

This part of the documentation explains how you can jump to the development of and deploy the website on your computer. To only interact with the database, e.g. to do statistics, you only need to install the API dependencies.

We assume here that you know Python and a minimum of Django.

Dependencies for the website

Besides the dependencies of the API, the website uses the following packages:

BeautifulSoup 4

For crawling websites, we use a Python package to handle HTML elements. To install it, use:

pip install beautifulsoup4


To develop, we use django-debug-toolbar, an utility to debug Django websites:

pip install django-debug-toolbar

Running the website

Once you have the dependencies installed, you can run the website from the root directory using:

python runserver

and enter in the url

If anything went wrong or you have any question, please drop by our mailing list so we can help you.

Running tests

We use standard Django unit test cases. To run tests, use:

python test <package, module, or function>

For instance, for running the test suite of contracts app, run:

python test contracts.tests

Running the crawler

To run the Crawler for Contracts and Tenders to populate the database, you require an additional package:

pip install requests